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Small vs Large Chorus Competitions

Another from John Wabel   I have repeatedly asked that the society define and split the international/district competitions into a small chorus competition and a large chorus competition. I am in a small chorus and we don't even want to go to the district competition any more. There is no way we can compete with the large choruses. They tell me we can't change the district competition rules...
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Ask A Judge, Appearances on Stage

From Kirt Thiesmeyer   With the last chorus competitor, the Salem SenateAires, both Jim Henry and Jeff Oxley appeared on stage as part of the program.  I was told by a Music Judge that all they need is a "paper membership" and they are authorized to be there, adding that, quite likely, the Salem chapter itself paid the necessary District and chapter dues to make it "kosher."  Isn't that bot...
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Ask a Judge, Talking on Stage

From Al Spence   I’m puzzled by the scores awarded to the Salem chorus.  I thought C & J was trying to enforce a cutting-down of the amount of talking in a contest set.  This set lasted approximately 25 minutes, most of which was talking.  This is supposed to be a contest, not a chapter show.  Did they actually sing a complete barbershop arrangement?  I totally lost track with all of th...
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What’s the difference between an A-level chorus and a C-level chorus?

This question comes from a younger Society member who belongs to 52Eighty, 2010 Youth Chorus Festival Champions and Sound of the Rockies, 2009 international bronze medalist. He was a barbershopper elsewhere before moving to Colorado. We'll keep him anonymous so he can be blunt. Here's his question: Having come from choruses that post scores no higher than a 55% [high C-level], and now singing wi...
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