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Legend and Barbershopper Dick Van Dyke on The Parade

Originally posted in http://www.parade.com/celebrity/personality-parade/2013/01/27/dick-van-dyke-marriage-great-grandfather.html

The legendary star, 87, received the Life Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday.

What’s been the high point of your career?
Probably Mary Poppins. I loved being in that movie. The chimney sweep number with Julie [Andrews] was the most fun. I’ve always been very lucky when it came to leading ladies—Julie and Mary Tyler Moore—people who were not only very talented but very nice.

You and your wife [makeup artist Arlene Silver, 41] will celebrate one year of marriage next month. How is newlywed life?
Unbelievable! It’s one of the smartest moves I ever made. She makes me happy. She’s very mature for her age, and I’m very immature for my age, so it’s just about right!

You’ve performed with a barbershop quartet, the Vantastix, since 2000. What’s that been like?
It’s my favorite thing to do. It’s kind of my retirement amusement. I don’t play golf. I have more fun singing and dancing.

Do you enjoy being a great-grandfather?
I love it. They call me crazy grandpa! I have four kids, seven grandkids, and four great-grandkids. Maybe I can become a great-great-grandfather if I hang on!

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