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Joe Liles Lifetime Achievement Award

This is the criteria the CDD Committee looks to for selecting the recipient of the award:

  1. Excellence in directing their own choruses consistently, at a high level.
  2. Willingness to share skills with other choruses and directors.
  3. Encouragement of other directors through participation at education schools.
  4. Giving of time and resources for the advancement of the society through encouragement of directors and demonstrating excellence in performance and singing.

This award was created as a way to honor some of those who by their demonstration of lifelong commitment to the Barbershop style by raising the standards of excellence have, through their leadership, helped us move forward.

Past Recipients of the Joe Liles Lifetime Achievement Award

2005 – Inaugural Class – Jim Clancy, Jim Miller, Joe Liles

2006 – Fred King

2007 – Jim Massey

2008 – Jim Bagby

2009 – Richard D. (RD) Mathey

2010 – Greg Lyne, Paul Tamblyn

2011 – Ray Danley

2012 – Tom Gentil, Mark Hale

2013 – Jim Henry, Lou Laurel

2014 – Jay Giallombardo, Dave Stevens

2015 – Mel Knight

2016 – David Wright

2017 – Earl Moon

2018 – To be announced in Orlando