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Chapter Officer Leadership Reporting Online

Chapter officers for 2016 must be reported before 12/31/2015. Current chapter officers expiring this year will drop off the list automatically on that date and will not be capable of making the required updates in 2016. Please refer to Article VI of the Chapter Bylaws if you have any questions regarding chapter officers.

Log into EBIZ (ebiz.barbershop.org) – your login will activate your permissions.

  • Click Chapter Management
  • Click through to the Chapter you wish to update.
  • Note on the line below your chapter number and name the following:
    Meetings  –  Edit Chapter Address –  Chapter Leaders –  Download Roster Data –  Dues Prices – Financial Filings
  • Click on “Chapter Leaders” 


Under Add a Leader*

  • Use the drop down to select the member
  • Use the drop down to select the role
  • Enter the Start Date (1/1/2016)
  • Enter the End Date (12/31/2016)
  • Click Add Leader button.

Follow the same procedure for all officers.

You will not see the officers you have added show up on your current screen right away. Do NOT add them again. You can see who you have added by switching to the list of future leaders in the upper left corner:

*Note: there is no longer a rollover of officers, allowing for better record keeping.


Circumstance: Officer is leaving a position:

  1. Click EDIT at the right end of the Officer line to be changed
  2. Enter the last day he served in the Office the END column.
  3. Click UPDATE
  4. Enter the person replacing him following the directions above for Adding New Officers.

Circumstance: Officer is inadvertently added, saved and needs to be removed.

  1. Click EDIT at the right end of the Officer line to be changed
  2. Enter the SAME DATE for both the START AND END DATE. Ensure that this is a date in the past.
  3. Click UPDATE
  4. The Officer will no longer appear on your listing.