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Author: Kevin Keller

Search continues for old C&J Materials

Kevin Keller loves the old songs, and the old judges, and the way the old judges judged the old songs in the old days. The past C&J Chair  is heading a team that is searching for old materials that help describe the evolution of our judging system. Says Kevin: I appreciate everyone’s help in trying to uncover old judging documents. We’re still in search of any materials to fill in gaps. As y...
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Ask a Judge, Talking on Stage

From Al Spence   I’m puzzled by the scores awarded to the Salem chorus.  I thought C & J was trying to enforce a cutting-down of the amount of talking in a contest set.  This set lasted approximately 25 minutes, most of which was talking.  This is supposed to be a contest, not a chapter show.  Did they actually sing a complete barbershop arrangement?  I totally lost track with all of th...
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Ask a Judge, round 1: Crossing categories?

From Stephanie Dingle: How are members to handle situations when a judge, during evals, openly admits to crossing categories?  A Presentation judge spends more time discussing singing or music ... a Music judge saying there was a lack of musicality but I scored higher because of energy. These are a few vague issues I've heard myself, but I still question the idea that each category can be judged ...
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“Ask a Judge”

Despite our current judging system having been in place for almost 20 years, many of you still have questions about aspects of the judging system. Rumors and myths still abound. If you know a judge or feel bold, you may have contacted a judge in the past but many of you might never ask your question. In an effort to help further educate, C&J (Contest and Judging) is hosting an interactive b...
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