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Apply NOW for Financial Assistance With Your 2014 Youth Event

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The grant application process for all 2014 Youth Events (camps/workshops) has begun!yih_large_trans

Our application process for 2014 will be taking a new and exciting turn. Prior to 2013, we’ve accepted student surveys as collateral for payment after the close of the event, regardless of how many events were organized and how many students attended, making a forecast for budgeting virtually impossible. Additionally, this didn’t give us the greatest understanding of the entire program being offered.


In today’s world of philanthropy, it is very important for us to gather data points on how the grants are
being spent so we can produce appropriate results back to the donor base. For this reason, we ask that you submit the details of your application to us via our website so that we can better document the data for future use.Furthermore, we are fortunate to be experiencing many more start-up workshops and camps than we’ve ever seen before. Since we are managing a finite amount of money, we will need to become more judicious with the available funds. Therefore, we will be rewarding applications that are focusing on one of two major components: 1) Start-up workshops and camps 2) Continued growth within their program and community.We encourage all camps and workshops to engage their community for grants that will better assist you with your operating expenses.
You can access the grant application at www.barbershop.org/youth. The application deadline is November 1, 2013 and all award notifications will be delivered by December 15, 2013. For more information, visit barbershop.org/youth or contact Joe Cerutti at 615-673-4121 or jcerutti@barbershop.org.