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American Harmony the Movie

“American Harmony” movie to be released for individual chapter promotion

Get ready to rent a big pop-corn machine, because beginning September 6, your chapter can sponsor a showing of “American Harmony,” raising awareness of barbershop in your community, and perhaps some money too.

Instead of trying to get a traditional theatre to show the film, which is difficult and expensive, your chapter will be able to show it in a church, community center, hotel ballroom or library, for one night, or two. It’s called a Four Wall Release—which literally means any space that has four walls and adequate seating. Appropriate projection and sound equipment, if not available in the space already, can be rented.

The movie focuses on OC Times, Max Q, Vocal Spectrum, and Reveille over a span of years, on stage and at home, in their personal quests for international recognition as they experience the thrill of victory, and the agony of not quite making it. American Harmony received an enthusiastic reception from film distributors and other non-Society audiences. It completed a 30-city traditional theatrical release in mid-2010 and garnered accolades along the way at film festivals such as the 2009 San Diego Film Festival, where it won Best Documentary, and the Las Vegas Film Fest, where it won the Golden Ace Award.

“Four Wall Release” Public Screenings

Learn more about the Four Wall Release for American Harmony (PDF file)

Distributer Breaking Glass Pictures is offering a sale on the DVD! The retail price has been lowered from 24.99 to 19.99, and they offering a five dollar additional discount for any purchase that is made. The discount code is promocode fans1 during checkout at the website shop.breakingglasspictures.com to receive this additional discount.