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A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins Features Venice Gondoliers

With each journal entry, veteran host Jack Perkins brings the artful, innovative, sometimes odd and always interesting people and places of Florida’s west central coast to life on the Emmy award-winning series, A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins. Whether an underwater exploration searching for gold doubloons; a centenarian taking to the high wire, or a story of hope and courage, each episode will take you on a vivid journey into Florida’s “Cultural Coast” – a community surrounded by sandy beaches, swaying palms, warm breezes and a plethora of people, places and personalities found nowhere else on earth.

A recent edition of the Gulf Coast Journal featured Society chorus The Venice Gondoliers Barbershop Chorus .

“The first barbershop chorus matched human coices in perfect harmony more than a century ago. Members of the Venice Gondoliers Barbershop Chorus keep the art alive even as performing it helps keep them young.”

View the video here (Venice Gondolier coverage begins at the 14:10 mark)